Sai Baba : The Ultimate Experience - Paperback

Sai Baba Ultimate Experience: The Ultimate Experience - Paperback - by Phyllis Krystal

A vivid account of Phyllis Krystal's encounters with Sai Baba over a period of ten years. This is a teaching story that shares some of the personal developent and growth that Krystal experienced, plus some of the very everyday things you wonder about when visiting India for the first time. What do you wear? How do you make sure you don't lose your sari? How do you handle the seperation between men and women or the living quarters at the ashram? When Sai Baba looks through you, and sees you, and knows your problems, how do you deal with it? This is a very helpful book; it presents a warm view of Sai Baba - the teacher, healer, diplomat and visionary who has been a friend and comforter to thousands of people. Phyllis Krystal's experience with this special avatar is important reading for anyone who wants to go to India to meet with him. When you've read this book, you feel like you've learned something, and you feel very close to Sai Baba and what he represents in the world.